Live with Intention. 📐📖🖊
✈️ Dream, Manifest, Design, Believe, Plan, & Do the Work, Be Patient & Persistent.🗓 📄
⏳Some goals take a lifetime to realize.

I am blessed to have parents who taught me there were no limits to my dreams & aspirations. I was privileged to grow up in a home where my parents never doubted they could rise, who did the hard work and provided so that their children could do the same. I am a bulldog when it comes to achieving my goals. Every major milestone in my life exists because I manifested it. Travelling the world is still my current goal. I had 4 countries planned this year. That won’t happen now, but it will happen.
This one photo marks a big dream come true — 35 years in the making.

La Boquería – Barcelona, España 2018

✅ Studied in Mexico at 19, goal from age 11
✅ Dreamed of travelling to Europe, to every Spanish-speaking country, the world my entire life, ages 11-40+
✅ 2014 Finally got to Spain taking students, ate alone in La Boquería, called Paco crying from Las Ramblas, made the plan to go back to Barcelona four years later for our anniversary.
✅ 2018 Had an amazing meal with Paco & our friends at the same little counter in la Boquería

2015 – 2019✈️
✅ Dominican Republic
✅ Spain
✅ Colombia
✅ Germany
✅ Czech Republic

+ 🇲🇽❤️✈️
My Beloved México: Almost every year (some years 2-3x) 1992-2019.

Goals for 2021 & Beyond

  • Hawaii
  • Mexico & the Dominican Republic always (every year, Lord willing)
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • Perú
  • Brazil
  • Italy

I live with intention. I raised my children with extreme reflection and consciousness. I build my dreams and my business intentionally and without apology.

Manifest what you dream.
Paint the picture of the life you want to live.
If you cannot imagine it, you cannot become it.

(Original post edited December 2021)

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