Champions Tailgate

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All Included!
Tickets to the Manchester United vs. Liverpool Champions Cup at UM, a backyard tailgate with grills & beer – two blocks from the Big House, and a bus from Farmington Hills Ice Arena – Founders. Everything is reserved & paid for (even the portapotty!) & we have tickets in hand to be picked up!
Here are the details:
Payment accepted in Cash / Check / PayPal or Credit Card.
Please provide # of Adults/Kids & contact information
(email / mobile # & full name)

  1. Checks: Bridget Espinosa PO Box 295 Farmington, MI 48332
  2. Paypal:
  3. Credit Card
  4. Call me to drop-off cash & pick-up tickets 248-919-8440
No unaccompanied minors, please.
Do you have your own tickets already? 
  • Just bus & tailgate: $55 adults / $45 kids
  • Just tailgate: $40 adults / $25 kids
  • Add 1 parking spot: $40 (this is going rate & what I am charged by the site) – we only have 2 available
Everything includes:
  • Family-friendly party bus to Ann Arbor that leaves Founders at 10:30am
  • Beer, water & pop all day
  • Tailgate location rented (same as 2 yrs ago)  – We have a whole yard and I already paid for the portapotty – so you don’t have to walk & pay like last time! 🙂 
  • Pre-game tailgate 11a-4pm with a Mexican grill master (Gracias, Master Meny from San Martin Catering!) and all the fixins & sides.
  • Grills, tent & tables provided. If anyone has an extra tent we can borrow – let us know. Bring your own camp chair, please.
  • Game tickets (tickets have been delivered and you can pick them up) we are in three different sections, both end zones & center. Upgrades – only 8 tickets – are available for an additional $30.
  • After game snacks & beer/water/pop (so we don’t sit in traffic) 
  • Bus ride back to Founders around 9pm
Here’s the event on Facebook too if you want to follow up.
Prices went up due to added fees so please let me know asap if you want me to reserve your spot.
Liverpool Man U