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Why “Puente“? The word puente in Spanish means “bridge” and it is also the symbol of our mission.  We want to bridge the gap for cultural understanding.

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The mission of Puente Cultural Integration is to help to bridge the cultural and language gap between Hispanic/Latinx or immigrant owned businesses and Metro Detroit agencies, businesses, and resources through culturally appropriate marketing strategies, Spanish-language services, workshops, and individualized cross-cultural consulting. We ensure that all business owners have equitable access to resources.

Our bilingual and bicultural consultants will help you to communicate clearly and effectively, improving your profitability and market share. We have marketing and accounting experts, as well as cross-cultural and diversity training programs.


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We provide cross-cultural solutions: 

  • Do you have a client base that is Hispanic/Latinx?
  • Do you have strategic partners in Latin America that you must communicate with frequently?
  • Have you ever had a cultural question or language issue that confused communication?
  • Do you ever wish you had a go-to person for issues related to culture?

We improve company culture and communication through cross-cultural training:

  • Do you wish your employees understood the diversity on staff better?
  • Does your staff understand the diversity in your market?
  • Do you want your diverse staff to just get along better?
  • Do you want your diverse staff to feel valued and comfortable in the workplace?

Meet Bridget Espinosa, Puente Cultural Integration

Hub Espinosa Southwest MuralBridget is a native-level bilingual professional with strong leadership and technology skills. She has been doing contract work in relocation and cross-cultural training for almost 20 years and has extensive knowledge of the diverse Hispanic cultures. She has lived in Mexico and has a passion for travel, immersing herself in both the Central Mexican and the Latino cultures in Metro Detroit. With over 20 years experience teaching the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures, she is a cross-cultural consultant and trainer for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and international corporations, supporting a culturally competent staff, digital marketing and individualized programming. Her superior Spanish language communication skills and multicultural expertise will help to improve market strategy and help bridge the cultural gaps.

See Bridget’s Complete CV

See Bridget’s Work as the Co-Founder Executive Director / President of Puente de Conxión, a Nonprofit Corporation

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