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2020 (Please note that I am no longer affiliated with the SDBA or MI-HCA)
Six-Week Entrepreneurship Workshop Series – BRIDGE Model
  • Would you like to step up your digital marketing game and increase your online presence?
  • Are you an entrepreneur with a great idea to either launch or grow your business?
  • Could you use some tips on effective networking?
Join us for a practical small business workshop series that will give you an action plan for improving your digital marketing, understanding your break even point to increase your profitability, and introduce you to resources from SCORE, SBDC, & the SBA.

Business Model Canvas (Modelo de Negocio)
Resources (Recursos)
Interactive (Interactivo)
Discovery (Descubrimiento)
Growth (Crecimiento)
Entrepreneurship (Emprendimiento)

Shareable English Flyer with Details 

Intro PCI BRIDGE ModelIntroduction:
What is the Business Model Canvas?
Themes: Business Model Canvas + Elevator Pitch & Networking
Mission, Marketing, & BrandMission: Why? & How?Theme: Digital Marketing
Vision & Value PropositionVision: Where are you going?Theme: Break Even Point
Rights and Responsibilities Resources: Who?Theme: Resources & Rules
CommunicationTools: What tools are there?Theme: Channels for Marketing
Business Networking & ExpoEvent: BRIDGE Bilingual Business ExpoTheme: Pitch Your Business

The BRIDGE Model, powered by Puente Cultural Integration, is designed for launching a business idea, stabilizing or growth for established businesses. All types of businesses are welcome: brick & mortar retail or restaurants, makers or contractors, service businesses or consultants.  Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but those who embark on this adventure need to be prepared! Different than the traditional business plan class, this workshop series will help businesses to identify their why and most importantly, leave with a complete financial analysis to find your break-even point so you can ensure a profitable business. Each week you will leave with a Call to Action to move your business forward step by step as we cross this BRIDGE into Entrepreneurship.

Experts will discuss marketing, financial analysis, accounting, legal and tax liabilities, in addition for opportunities for 1:1 coaching from a business consultant or mentor. The outcome of this first part in the BRIDGE program will be a completed Business Model Canvas and an understanding of your financials so that you can make informed decisions regarding the future of your business. Let’s get started!

Serie de Emprendimiento En Español – Cinco Fechas

Video en Español

Introducción: ¿Qué es?
Business Model Canvas
Temas: Modelo de Negocio
“Elevator Pitch”
Marca y Marketing
Misión: ¿Por qué y Cómo?Temas: Mercadeo digital
Visión y Valor Visión: ¿A dónde vas?Temas: Modelo de Negocio

Análisis de Punto de Equilibrio

Responsabilidades y DerechosRecursos: ¿Con quién?

Temas: Recursos y Reglas
ComunicaciónHerramientas: ¿Qué hay?Temas: Marketing y
Canales de Comunicación
Temas: “Elevator Pitch” y “Networking”


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The PCI BRIDGE Model is a program of Puente Cultural Integration, LLC.